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Sunrise allows you to get a reliable diagnosis from the comfort of your bed.

Sensors are for single use only.

A new way
of measuringsun%s%sunsleep.

Sunrise is a certified medical device that analyzes your sleep from the comfort of your bed and helps you improve the quality of your nights.

For a decade, passionatesun%c%sundoctors have been working to allow the development of a device that’s as simple to usesun%h%sunas a sleep tracker, and as accurate as a hospitalsun%f%sunsleep test.
A sensorsun%r%sunon your chin before going to bedsun%x%sun.

The Sunrise sensor connects to your phone with Bluetooth. Once the sunrise.sleep app is set up, you can scan the QR code on the envelope of your kit. All you need to do is start the analysis of your night on the app before falling asleep. A few minutes after you wake up, a detailed report allowing for a precise diagnosis of your sleep will be delivered.

Complex datasun%p%sun, simple report.
Sunrise is the first home device that not only detects obstructive sleep apnea but also foot%the respiratory efforts that often precede this syndrome%foot.
Respiratory efforts provoke an increase in negative oesophagal pressure and micro-arousals with a destructive impact on sleep.
Spend the night with a sleep expertsun%s%sun.

Sunrise allows you to get a reliable diagnosis from the comfort of your bed.

  • In your bed
  • 1-minute set-up
  • A 3 gram sensor
Meet the greatsun%s%sundreamer deep inside you!
Sunrise introduces you to your sleeping self. According to the results, three scenarios are possible:

Your night was perfect, and your sleeping skills seem at their best. Thanks to Sunrise, you are now entirely sure that your sleep is efficient. Besides this excellent news, the app gives you individualized advice to stay on track.


You slept poorly due to behavioural or environmental patterns. We commit to helping you change that with the scientifically proven coaching programs available on our app.


You suffer from sleep disorders that call for professional medical diagnosis and follow-up. Don’t worry: there are effective treatments, and you can send your doctor all the information they need directly from our app.

Insomniacssun%z%sun? Night-overthinkers? Toss-and-turners?

Our analysis concluded that you slept poorly because of behavioural and environmental factors?

Sunrise does not leave you helpless. Our app offers coaching programs using cognitive-behavioural therapy. Since numerous studies have shown that sleeping pills have disastrous effects on health, this therapy has become the solution recommended by doctors. It has proved to be more effective on the long-term to fall asleep, sleep sufficiently and wake up less often.

More than 17 000 scientificsun%f%sunreports have shown that sleep is the central pillar of our healthsun%q%sun. It impacts your moodsun%y%sun, your energy but especially your immune system and life expectancy. Take care of yourself & make sure your sleep is the best it can be!
A medical devicesun%f%suncertified and testedsun%w%sunon more than 400 patients.
Sensors are for single use only.