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Sunrise allows you to get a reliable diagnosis from the comfort of your bed.

Sensors are for single use only.

How it works

Leave your questionssun%a%sunat the foot of your bed, we’ll bring the answers to your pillowsun%l%sun.

Once the Sunrise kitsun%r%sunin your hands, the process is simple.

  1. Install the app.
  2. Answer a few questions.
  3. Put the sensor on your chin.
  4. Relax, we take care of the rest.

Why is our sensorsun%r%sunsingle use only?

We have designed our sensor to best meet your needs: a test that is easy to set up and that can be forgotten. Our focus on one-time use has allowed us to make it light, cheap and simple to use.

Will the sensor stay on my chin allsun%b%sunnight?

Our sensor is equipped with a medical adhesive that resists the most dynamic nocturnal movements. The kit also includes an additional adhesive bandage to cover and secure the sensor.
We recommend its use by:

  • bearded people.
  • people with particularly restless sleep.
  • people who are stressed at the thought that the sensor may fall down.

In order to ensure a good fit, we recommend that you do not put any cream/oil on your chin before sleeping.

Can I stick the sensorsun%r%sunon my fridge as a souvenir?

At Sunrise, we live accordingly with the challenges of our time and we recycle each of our sensors. There is a prepaid envelope in every kit so that you can send the sensor back to us effortlessly. Slip the sensor inside the envelope and the envelope inside the closest mailbox.

Sending back your sensor gives you a discount for another kit and the opportunity to analyse another night. Your sleep is going well? Change the life of a snoring friend!

How about spending the nightsun%k%sunwith a sleep expertsun%c%sun?

Sensors are for single use only.