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Sunrise allows you to get a reliable diagnosis from the comfort of your bed.

Sensors are for single use only.

In the press

The Sunrise sensorsun%r%sun has everything it takes to be a starsun%h%sun. We gathered here what the press says about it.

"Sunrise is a CE class 2a certified medical device, a professional diagnostic instrument."

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"I would never have suspected these problems without Sunrise. I think it's great that I don't have to spend a night in the hospital surrounded with wires."

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"You do it yourself at home and it is really really easy to use."

Le Soir

"The patented technology is therefore a certified medical device subject to controls and verifications by a notified body delegated by the European Commission."

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"Getting a medical sleep diagnosis is a complicated process, resulting in a very low diagnosis rate (20% only) for these diseases."

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"A 3-gram sensor using the latest software and hardware technologies for easy and reliable sleep diagnosis."

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Le journal du Médecin

"Physicians and scientists believe this is the most cost-effective and practical way to diagnose sleep apnea."

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"While treatments exist to address these disorders, the problem is that only 1 person in 5 is diagnosed."

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"The company collaborates with several university research centres, including Imperial College London."

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Question à la Une (RTBF)

"It is hard to imagine what it's like to live with sleep disorders."

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TV5 Monde

" You do it yourself at home and it is really really easy to use."

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What about spending the night with a sleep expertsun%s%sun?
Sensors are for single use only.